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work with Miss Kate

Miss Kate offers customized mindfulness and creativity sessions for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 

By meeting each person right where they are, Miss Kate provides a safe space to learn and grow through compassion driven dance, yoga, mindfulness and acting training that will bring out the very best in you. Email to learn more about pricing and program options. 

Meet Miss Kate

theater artist. educator. mindfulness faciliator

With 20 years of experience in theater education Miss Kate integrates creativity and mindfulness into every project. Having worked with hundreds of students of all abilities, she is a relationship driven educator and an empathetic leader. Since 2010, she has directed and choregraphed the West Hartford Summer Arts Festival (  From 2004 until spring 2021, Miss Kate was co-director and choreographer of the Northwest Catholic High School Dramateurs where she served on performing arts faculty and developed mindfulness centered leadership training via the nationally recognized LINK Crew Program. She has worked on productions with the Hartt School Community Division, Bay Path University and Simsbury High School. A 2012 graduate of the West Hartford Yoga teacher training program, Miss Kate offers private in-home instruction, corporate mindfulness facilitation and custom mindfulness workshops for young artists. Follow her on Instagram @twogalstheatricals and @misskatewh.

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What I Specialize In

direction/ choreography

mindfulness and yoga

private coaching

group classes

public speaking



Miss Kate was the first person to ever tell me that I was a dancer when I did not believe I was. Through her process and mentorship in dance education combined with mindfulness practices, I eventually learned to believe it, too. She has the unique ability in a teacher to tailor her  methods to the needs of each individual student, and tying the important aspects of her mindfulness knowledge into aiding the student mentally and energetically. She also creates a very trusting and safe space for her students, which is a priceless thing to have while exploring your talents and meeting the frustrations that wait for you along the way. She is very responsible for the professional artistic career I have today, and I carry the lessons she has taught me throughout my adult artistic practices.

Thomas, theater student

Miss Kate is amazing! We began working with her when my kids were 15, 13, 9 and 7 years old. We have been doing yoga for 7 years now and the impact it has had on my family is profound. Kate tailors each class to address any injuries or issues we might be having.  I firmly believe the physical and mental conditioning they received during yoga class not only helped them excel on the field and in the classroom, but kept them injury free. 

As an example of Kate’s commitment to her students, my sons need to increase their agility in football. She recommended tap as a way to strengthen their feet and ankle and promote agility. We added a 30 minute tap class each week and the results have been remarkable. I both see it in my sons’ performance and my own. We recently added breath work to our yoga class to help the boys through midterms. Kate’s knowledge and dedication to her clients is remarkable and we are blessed to have her as our teacher.

 Deb, in-home yoga client

 We appreciated how Kate’s empathetic teaching style conformed to each student’s individual theatrical talents and needs.  Kate not only recognized but celebrated the differences in every student, and the results were very successful. Our child felt safe in Kate’s teaching environment and thrived under her instruction.

Sue and Dane, theater parents 

Book Now

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Customized workshops for your employees

An Hour of Mindfulness Practices

For the first hour of the session, Kate will lead your team in several different meditation, breathwork and mindful movement techniques. As the group moves through each module, they will be asked to briefly reflect and journal about the experience.

Journaling and Sharing

30 minutes of journal prompts and discussion about how to manage our reactions to coworkers and customers. In the second portion of the workshop your team is offered journal prompts to help them reflect on their responses in both positive and negative workplace interactions. After journaling the floor is open for sharing and discussion.

Routine Building

Using the techniques overviewed in the first 90 minutes, the team will open their calendars and Kate will help them find time in their day to block out for short breath breaks, meditation breaks, journaling and mindful eating.

Practice the Pause

In this three part workshop, Kate will lead your team through various mindfulness techniques, guide the group to thoughtful discussion using journaling prompts and relating exercises and offering tools to integrate these practices into the work day

  • Breathwork, guided meditation and mindful movement

  • Journaling and sharing real life workplace scenarios

  • Routine building 


After almost a decade in financial services sales I was on edge, exhausted and my body was in a constant stress response. I was an internal wholesaler in a very successful territory. The phone rang constantly and I could barely keep my head above the workload. A job I used to enjoy had become the greatest source of anxiety in my life. Ultimately, after deepening my yoga and mindfulness practice, I decided to change careers to find relief. What I found in that transition was that  relief didn’t come from a new job, it came from how I responded to the stress. Every aspect of modern human existence comes with some level of stress. So now you’re asking, “If we can’t stop the stressors, what is the magic?” The magic lies in the PAUSE. The pause that comes with a single deep breath. The pause before we react to a challenging email. The pause that starts our day. The pause after the phone call and before the next Zoom meeting. The pause that comes in eating a nourishing lunch. According to researchers with the American Psychological Association, mindfulness meditation can promote metacognitive awareness, decreases worry, and enhances the capacity to focus through gains in working memory which can aid in emotional regulation. 

Mindfulness for Sales Teams is a workshop designed to give your team a chance to replenish themselves in community and leave with simple tools to create stillness inside the routine work day. 

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